The Classwiz Emulator is a software that enables Classwiz calculators to operate on a Windows PC.

You can try out the Classwiz full functionality for 30 days by downloading the trial software (for Windows).

In addition to using the spreadsheets and other sophisticated features of the Classwiz on your computer, the software is ideal for teachers to use in their lessons.

  • The calculator can be displayed in a separate window, which can be zoomed in or out as needed.
  • The display on the calculator screen can be copied and pasted into editing software like Office.
  • The succession of key operations can be viewed, copied and pasted into editing software like Office.
  • The QR code display on the screen allows for easy exchange of information in the classroom.

Teachers can use these features of the software to prepare lesson materials or project the calculator in the classroom, so that the students can easily follow the calculator operations.

Because we believe that using the Classwiz software in the classroom makes teaching much easier, for teachers that attend the Classwiz training, we offer the software license free of charge.