Teacher Training

Thanks to our dedicated master trainers, 91% of Serbian teachers that attended our training evaluate the Classwiz FX-991EX calculator as very useful and 8 in 10 teachers proceed to become trainers in their own school.

It is due to these dedicated teachers that we have managed to reach more than 700 teachers of mathematics and sciences since we have started trainings in Serbia in September 2019; their efforts make our goal of training all the mathematics and science teachers in Serbia closer each day.

Our trainings generally focus on the key functions teachers will need to start using the calculators and thanks to the applicability of the examples taught, 92% of teachers say that they would be happy to use the calculators in the classrooms.

When we asked the teachers what they liked most about the training, they answered:

  • The usage of concrete examples that can be applied in the classroom.
  • The innovative lecturers, the application of new technologies and the relaxed atmosphere.
  • Information on the new state graduation exam and the resources to be used in its implementation.

Our mission is to train all mathematics and science teachers in Serbia and to continue afterwards to support them implement the calculators in lessons and exams to the benefit of their students. We support to the best of our capacity teachers that attend our trainings with the calculator, software and educational materials they require.

The schedule of trainings and registration method will be updated on this page as soon as the information is available.


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We are proud to hear positive feedbacks from teachers who attended our workshop, especially from secondary level, where they enjoy learning basics to advanced tips to teach with scientific calculators.

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CASIO’s mission is to support classrooms with technology.

We believe that teachers are the key to improving education and therefore, by supporting teachers with the tools and educational support they need, we would like to foster human resources that governments need, and to make children’s dreams come true, such as: entering a university, becoming a doctor, or becoming a teacher.

We hope that math teachers will be involved in CASIO’s educational activities, which we call “GAKUHAN”, that they will train, be trained, create and use learning materials.

We hope to build GAKUHAN together, to expand the network of teachers to create a better learning environment. Teachers involving and encouraging other teachers is, we believe, a crucial aspect of the teacher network, so we would like to develop a system to share teaching experiences , and a membership system to encourage active participation.

GAKUHAN for better education

Every year CASIO delivers 25 million scientific calculators to new high school students around the world.

  • Using scientific calculators to improve problem-solving skills is quickly becoming a standard way of learning.

At CASIO, selling calculators is not our final goal. We actively support teachers and students who utilize them, so that they can achieve better mathematical education using a scientific calculator. We call this “GAKUHAN”.

Specifically, our main GAKUHAN activities are as follows:

  • Construction of a training system that allows all teachers to train using a scientific calculator
  • Creation of materials that support teachers to teach mathematics using a scientific calculator
  • Pilot projects to realize improvement of students’ mathematics ability through the use of scientific calculators

Product Development Policy

Creating products to make learner’s dreams come true.

CASIO’s product development philosophy is “0 → 1” (create something from nothing); to contribute to the advancement of society by discovering the latent needs of the public and by developing new products and values which did not exist.

In the educational field, CASIO understands that it is important to have a firm grasp of teachers’ and students’ needs. Upon this understanding, our engineers visit schools and attend classes so that we can listen to teachers’ and the students’ thoughts of what struggles they have or what is needed, which will inspire us to create new products.

New product ideas are refined even more through consultation with collaborative educational professionals worldwide. We put plenty of time in the development process itself, but having such evaluation from professionals at an early stage is what helps products be genuine educational devices that “support learning.”  This is CASIO’s goal.

We also aim to provide products that are optimized to each country’s curriculum.

Working together with local ministries and educational institutions, we verify the curriculum, as well as examine necessary specifications and functions needed on the device.

We are expanding the implementation of this localized product model which have a different specification for each country.

What we emphasize in our educational field “0 → 1” development, is the importance of listening to the invaluable thoughts of educational professionals and institutions. Adherence to this process is our most important policy.

We put faith on our educational devices and GAKUHAN activities will help “fulfill learners (children, etc.) dreams”. We hope to continuously contribute towards this goal and are looking forward to listening to your thoughts, so that your views can be incorporated in our next new product of CASIO’s educational devices.